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GIY Grow Kit Gift Set
GIY Grow Kit Gift Set
GIY Grow Kit Gift Set

GIY Grow Kit Gift Set

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  • This is complete Gardening Kit that includes
    1.  Reusable Jute Grow Pot - 5 inch length
    2. Cocopeat
    3. High quality Microgreen seeds
    4. Grow instruction bookmark card
  • This kit is a very simple do it yourself activity. It is suitable for anyone above age of 3 years
  • Follow instruction card to sow seeds and see them grow
  • It makes a perfect eco-friendly gift for anyone you know OR if you have a kid in the house, it makes a perfect garden activity that they will enjoy
  • Microgreens can be harvested when grow around 2 inch tall and can used in recipes such as salads, sandwiches or can be eaten row
  • Microgreens are loaded with nutrients such as vitamins C, E, K and beta carotene
  • This makes perfect eco-friendly gift to your loved one and  comes in 100% plastic free packaging
  • Instruction is printed on a bookmark so it doesn't go waste