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Warli Print Pure Copper Bottle - Pack of 2

Warli Print Pure Copper Bottle - Pack of 2

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Premium-quality copper bottle is Stylish, Sturdy and comes loaded with numerous benefits. It has a beautiful unique Warli print that gives it a modern look


- Made from 99.9% Pure Copper

- Weight 295 gms

- Capacity 950 ml

- Pack of 2 - White & Black

-  The bottle has got leak-proof lid so it is easy to carry around, which makes it suitable to use at Home, Office or while Traveling

- Comes in 100% plastic free packaging

- Unlike regular plastic bottle or any other material, copper bottle stays in a good shape for long number of years which makes it an environment friendly option 

- It’s premium look also makes it suitable for corporate gifting or any occasion

  • Benefits of copper bottle:

    As per Ayurveda, water stored in copper bottle for 8 hours is believed to boost the immune and digestive systems

    Copper is believed to have positive impact on Gut. Drinking “Tamra Jal” detoxifies and cleanses the stomachCopper bottle water works amazing in case of stomach ulcers, indigestion and stomach infections.