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EcoTrendy Bag of Goodness - Zero waste & Plastic free Gift Set

EcoTrendy Bag of Goodness - Zero waste & Plastic free Gift Set

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Are you a nature lover and want to start sustainable, zero-waste living?

Try our Bag of Goodness.

It is a complete pack of Eco-friendly products that you must include in your daily life and gift your loved one too

1) Organic cotton honey comb pattern mesh Bag (10x14 Inch) - Capacity 3 to 4 Kg

2) Steel Straw Set (Pack of 4 - 2 Bent, 2 Straight & 1 cleaner) - 8 Inch

3) Bamboo Toothbrush with soft bristles - Standard size of  7 Inch

4) Neem wood detangling comb - 7 Inch

5) Neem wood tongue cleaner - 7 Inch

6) Bamboo Earbuds - 80 sticks


We have named it as Bag of Goodness because when you start using it, you get rid of huge amount of plastics from your life. This can be your significant contribution towards saving our Environment!

We estimate that 500 single-use plastic bags are replaced by using one reusable bag for one year. If someone shops for 70 years (from 18 years old until they are 88 years old), they will save 350,000 plastic bags.

Do you know that Plastic Toothbrushes and earbuds almost never get recycled? By replacing your regular plastic toothbrush and earbuds with the Bamboo version, you save huge amount of plastic going into the landfill.

Neem wood combs are amazing for the health of your scalp due to it's antiseptic properties. Also, it keeps both dandruff and plastic away.

Plastic straw is littered at every tourist spot in India. If you too are compelled by the sight of it, then you must not forget to carry steel straw and it lasts you for a lifetime