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About Us

Who we are

We are an emerging "Made in India by local Artisans" & "Supporting Sustainable living" start-up with a mission to provide you with high quality eco-friendly products. 

Our Mission

Only for Good Shopping!!!

Our journey has started with an objective to create a planet where we co-exist with another 8.7 million species, with the aim to create awareness about how change in our lifestyle and slowing our consumption can reduce burden on the natural resources, with the mission to provide a legacy of rich soil, clean earth and ocean to our next generation so a life can continue to thrive.

Why we are doing it

We have had enough of plastic & it is time that we together re-think about every choice that we make while shopping. We are here to provide you with better alternatives that this planet will adore.

A tiny step by each one of us can make huge difference so let us take that one action that will make this earth better place and also continue to inspire others as well.

Shop mindfully & not impulsively!

Our Team

Hi, This is Keyuri Jobanputra. I am Chief curator and Proprietor at and currently building Ecotrendy one step at a time.

After working for about 10 years into data analytics domain with various brands, I finally decided to follow my passion to create awareness towards protecting environment. I started looking for more sustainable and clean alternatives for daily use and I could find many. But I also noticed that most of the people are either not aware about their impulsive consumption or if they are aware, they struggle to find eco-friendly products at an affordable rate. That is where, I decided to come up with a sustainable range of products for daily use and for gifting purpose.

Do check our products! If you have any feedback and suggestions for us do let us know.