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My Garbage My Responsibility

If you are one of those people who have felt frustrated looking at the garbage thrown around in your town or villages and think cleanliness is the issue in our country. Then it is important to ask yourself one important question. Have you checked out your garbage yet?

How many times you have noticed what goes into your garbage? If it has never happened then it is a problem, I would really urge you to do that because our garbage defines the reflection of who we are? How we are treating our own self, surrounding, our country and environment. To get started I have listed down some of the things that will help you manage your garbage and what actions can you take to REDUCE them. 

  • Start segregating wet and dry waste so it is easy to treat them
  • Look at what kind of plastics you are disposing off as a part of dry waste. Pick up first one or two of the things which either you can stop buying or reduce frequency. This is the way to bring self-awareness about our consumption habits and helping us figure out what is necessary and what is not. What is not required should be cut down or reduced.
  • Look for the things that you might have repaired instead of throwing it off. By using things for a longer period, you delay the process of replacing them with new ones, which means putting less pressure on the resources and keeping more stuff away from becoming garbage
  • Can you re-use some of the things? Remember how our mothers and grand-mothers have repurposed, re-used some of the things in the house with their creative skills, get inspired and start implementing, there are tons of ideas on internet also to turn the waste things around into useful products.
  • Buy things those are sturdy, high quality and durable across any category, this will automatically lengthen life of the product and need to replace it with another in short time. 
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by deciding you won’t purchase any of the things wrapped up in plastic because it might not be practical and you will end up doing nothing about it. Make sure that this is a gradual process. First pick up some of the things that is easy for you start. Look for the substitute if available in the market. For example: If you buy 2 litre milk from dairy every day, can you carry your own milk can or container? This will reduce approximately 60 plastic bags going into landfill in a month.

These things will not only make you aware on your faulty consumption habit, it will also give you financial gain by saving lot of money that you spend in buying unnecessary product. Here is a separate article explaining how you can prevent yourself getting driven by shopping apps that makes you impulse buyer. Let us together create a world where we are mindful shoppers and not impulse buyers.