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Easy Steps To Avoid Impulsive Shopping

The number of smart phone users in India is estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021. We spend most of our time looking into devices and using social networks throughout our day communicating with the world. Most of the companies have data about your need, interests and habits. In history, it was never this easy to target the right customers.

You may think that this might be good and it gives you enough options to choose from or you get to see the products and reviews that will help you to make right purchase decision. However, downside is that, most of the deals and offers come in package that makes you buy more items or buy more frequently. This kind of strategy makes you buy more stuff without need an by the time you realize, it is too late. 

If you are impulse buyer, what you can do about it?

  • Turn off notifications of all shopping apps you have in your mobile, this will not only save you money from unnecessary shopping, it will also save you a lot of time that you can invest in the right place
  • You can organize all apps into a folder structure and push shopping apps/ folder on third or forth page. This way it will be difficult to access those shopping apps when you are free and you will end up avoiding them on most of the days.
  • Time of the day. Observe what is that time of the day when you end up checking shopping apps and get carried away with offers. Include any other exciting activity or hobby into that that time slot so you avoid getting trapped into any impulsive buys
  • Don't shop when you are emotional, whether too happy or too sad or very angry. These kind of emotions led to impulse buy. Calm and balance mind helps you make a right purchase decision so don't get into the roller costar ride of emotions and do impulse buy.
  • If you end up opening any shopping app and are checking stuff that is not urgent or need at that time. Add them in the cart and leave them for a day or two. This will work most of the time because you will have time to think whether you really need that product. In most of the cases you will end up not buying that stuff because you will overcome the trigger and your calm mind will help you make a right purchase decision. Most of the shopping apps uses countdown method to create urgency in customer so they make a quick buying decision even if it is not right for them, don't worry, don't get into that trap.
  • Plan your purchases. Keep writing stuff that you need on a notepad which can be digital also. Visit store whether online or offline with that list so you are focused on your shopping goal, this will not only save environment but lots of money too. Not having a list means you will keep on exploring more shelves, more categories to find out and will be trapped into advertising/promo strategy aimed to make you buy more, switch to more expensive stuff or buy things that you will never use. 

All these tricks are self-experimented and has helped me achieve mindful shopping goal. Know that this earth has limited resources and every purchase that we will put a burden on those resources.